Linux or Mac

  1. Unzip distribution file on any directory
  2. Edit, tuna/dist/ and replace the following variables:
    • HOME: path of the directory where you unzipped the distribution file, example: HOME="/home/yourusername/tuna"
    • JAVA_HOME: path of your java virtual machine, example: JAVA_HOME="/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun"
  3. Make executable, example: chmod +x
  4. Make sure tuna will have permission to write logs on /tmp/ , if you wish to change logs directory, modify
  5. Execute, specifying port where tuna will listen to the webdmin, example: ./ 8083
  6. Open your web browser and go to "http://localhost:8083/web/"
  7. If you want to create your own profiles, copy&paste the file tuna/profiles/test1.profile, then restart tuna or press "reload all profiles" button. When tuna starts, every file with extension .profile in profile directory will be shown as a profile tab in the webadmin.
  8. Admin your profiles and enjoy.


Analogous steps for WINDOWS, but use tuna_startup.bat instead of